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What we do

  • Real-time company information search.
  • Competitive intelligence: watch your competitors’ movements and react in real time.
  • Business intelligence: track movements and market trends of a chosen business area.
  • Self communication management:
    e-reputation, brand management…


17-05-2012 : Enhance your business e-reputation.

9-09-2011 : Strategator.com launches the mobile version of its website - m.strategator.com.

5-05-2011 : Strategator.com business intelligence services are now available in most of the European countries.

Strategator Services Business search Company profile Competitive intelligence Company information Marketing research
Search, filter and organize company information from thousands of web sources. For each company and each type of business information use our tools to sort and filter the aggregated search results. Then, organize your information in pages that allows you to save your filters and display preferences. Our system will monitor for you if any changes appear in the saved pages. Set up daily, weekly or monthly email alerts with links to all new business information on the company you analyze.
Strategator is a business search engine providing users with structured company information including: company profile, financial information, corporate news, company documents, business links, social media, etc. Strategator.com has partnered with popular business search engines, data providers and directories to help local businesses manage their online reputations, marketing research, competitive intelligence or prospect lists across the web.
Get up-to-the minute business information on company profile that you are tracking. The flexible Strategator business search service allows sales and marketing teams, and research departments to precisely locate the company profile, to follow up the company’s financial ratios, to find out what sites competitors are linking to, what is the corporate news, what are the company documents, etc. Strategator saves clients’ time and money, as it provides comprehensive and real-time company information.
In addition to comprehensive company information, Strategator displays a wide range of related “social media” info, as well as other real-time competitive intelligence on companies and industries. The real-time aspect of Strategator business search services integrates premium data sources with competitive intelligence in such domains as: related news and press releases, related documents, related blogs, related Facebook posts, related Twitter discussions, related website performance and e-reputation.
Need to find company information fast? STRATEGATOR provides you with related industry and company information services appropriate for prospection, company profile, competitive intelligence and marketing research on over 1 million companies in Europe and the USA. Clients use Strategator.com as an outsourced business search department, for more thorough, accurate, and cost-effective company information.
In today's competitive market, the importance of making smart, well-informed decisions cannot be measured. STRATEGATOR is dedicated to helping you chart your best marketing research - and stay competitive. Find industry financial ratios, company related reports, competitive intelligence analyses and other company information to perform your marketing research.